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Pricing Information

At Voice Physiotherapy New Zealand we pride ourselves on delivering high quality care to get you back onto the stage as soon as possible. 


​​Voice physiotherapy

Initial session 60 mins          $170.00

Vocal WOF                           $150.00

Student/CSC   initial                    $120.00

Follow-ups                            $95.00

Zoom sessions available on request

ACC Voice                 

Initial                                      $120.00

Follow-ups                             $75.00

Extended follow-up              $99.00

Performers Physiotherapy (Body)

ACC Initial                            $60.00

ACC Follow-up (30)             $50.00 

ACC Extended (45)              $90.00

Taping appt                          $10.00

Private Initial                         $95.00

Private follow-up                  $75.00

Prices vary for Pop-up Clinics


If you have an accident and you would like physiotherapy treatment, you can come directly to Physiotherapy. You don’t need a doctor's referral before coming to see us for treatment.


Please discuss with your Physiotherapist whether you are eligible for ACC and we can lodge your claim for you. Unfortunately, most voice issues are not covered by ACC as they are considered a gradual process. However, you can discuss this further with the Voice Physio.


We understand that the unexpected happens from time to time, however, we would appreciate your notice if you are unable to attend. Another person in need could use your appointment slot.


A $30 late cancellation/missed appointment fee charge may apply for any appointments canceled within 24 hours.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment please call or text 021 085 22811, or make contact directly with your Physio

Thank you for your understanding.

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