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Meet the Physio

Kristina Saul

Bphty, Voice Physiotherapist

Kristina is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with a special interest in the performing arts. She studied Physiotherapy at the University of Otago and is currently working towards her Master's. She trained to become a vocal physio at Performance medicine in Melbourne and is now one of NZ's only Voice Physiotherapists.

She is actively involved in the performing arts world herself, starting out as a dancer, and now performing in anything from the  New Zealand Opera Chorus to Musicals of all sorts. She brings her stage background to her physiotherapy treatment, and it gives her special insight into the need of singers, dancers, and actors alike.

She is passionate about preventing injuries, and about educating young performers to take care of their bodies and voices so they can have a long and full career, no matter if that's in performing arts or in any other field.

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