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Workshops and Inservices

Here at VPNZ, we have a huge passion for education and sharing knowledge. We give regular lectures, and workshops around New Zealand at conferences, in-services, and events to groups both big and small.

Our talks focus on giving the listeners a deeper understanding of their vocal instrument, as well as tools to take care of their voices. We provide insight into the group's specific needs, be it singers and performers, singing teachers, or school teachers, with the aim of increasing vocal health for all.

We have a variety of different workshop packages, which we will ultimately will tailor to your exact group and the specific needs and interests you have. Please get in contact with us if you would like us to create a custom workshop for your group.


  • For vocal athletes (singers, performers, and musicians)

  • For singing teachers

  • For school teachers

  • For physiotherapists, speech-language therapists, and other health professionals

  • For GPs and ENT specialist doctors.

  • For theater companies/ those looking after Vocal Athletes

  • For instrumentalists e.g Guitarists

Our workshops typically run between 60 mins and 90 mins and can be tailored to your group. Please get in contact with us to discuss more below, or email us at

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